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13 February 2018

What nonprofits can learn from the best salespeople

Even if we don’t like the word, the truth is undeniable: If you work for or run a nonprofit organization, many of your everyday job functions might be considered “sales.” Fundraising, marketing, client or patient relationship-building—they, and many more activities, have sales-like aspects to them.

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01 February 2018

Why Nonprofits Need BI, Too

Those of us in the nonprofit sector have heard it all from their for-profit counterparts.

  • “It must be nice not having to worry about making a profit.”
  • “Sure but you don't have to be concerned with the bottom line.”
  • 'You can just go to your donors and raise more funding.”

Yep. It is just that simple, right?

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18 January 2018

Before starting large fundraising projects

Before starting large fundraising projects, you’ll need to know how much money your organization is capable of raising and who might be interested in giving a major gift or serving as a campaign leader.

While large organizations pursuing large capital projects typically conduct feasibility studies, these initiatives are also critical for smaller organizations and smaller projects. 

Does your organization need to conduct a feasibility study before starting its next project? We’ll cover the following basics to help you decide.

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18 December 2017

Tips for Smooth Data Migration

Data is the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization. Although most organization would love to “set it and forget it,” sometimes data has to move. If you’re facing a data migration project—perhaps you’re changing systems and need to move the data from one to another—some key techniques can ease the process. Following best practices when performing data migration tasks can help you ensure that after the data finds its new home, it’s accurate, complete, and easy to access.

Assess Current and Future Needs

Data migration to a new platform is akin to moving house. Before migrating data over, objectively assess the fields and objects you’re using to ensure that they are appropriate to the current and future needs of your nonprofit's operations, processes, and reporting functions. If they are outdated and no longer useful, scuttle them, or adapt them to meet your organization's current needs.

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