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01 February 2018

Why Nonprofits Need BI, Too

Those of us in the nonprofit sector have heard it all from their for-profit counterparts.

  • “It must be nice not having to worry about making a profit.”
  • “Sure but you don't have to be concerned with the bottom line.”
  • 'You can just go to your donors and raise more funding.”

Yep. It is just that simple, right?

The fact is, those working for nonprofit organizations and associations, if anything, have a larger responsibility to “the bottom line” and in being good stewards. They owe their donors increased accountability and have even a deeper mission to be productive and efficient with resources.

It may not always seem fair or even possible but boards of directors are often filled with business people who expect nonprofits to operate at a high level of business efficiency and effectiveness. They may charge you to manage your organization like a for-profit but without the benefit of all the tools available. These, however, are exactly the reasons nonprofits need business intelligence (BI), too, and why more and more associations are discovering the benefits of ClearView CRM fundraising software.

A Business Intelligence Approach to Non-Profit Management

ClearView CRM is much more than donor database management. Sure, ClearView CRM will manage all of your donor information and fundraising activities from one place. But it also allows you to reach the elusive goal of multi-channel fundraising as it communicates with any number of applications including online giving, call center management, volunteer management, and more.

This is where ClearView CRM is just getting started, however. ClearView CRM's business intelligence and reporting tools allow you and your team to easily track, monitor, and analyze your fundraising activities. They will let you keep an eye on and manage daily results while constantly evaluating your organization’s longer-term goals.

ClearView CRM's business intelligence approach to fundraising allows you to streamline and re-energize your efforts more effectively. Take advantage of more than 100 available reports, offering in-depth, interactive looks at a range of measures. Get eye-opening and idea-generating reports on your donors, appeals, gifts, opportunities, pipelines, and much more, each easy to run and export. In addition, ClearView CRM's powerful ad hoc reporting tool lets you build reports in just the way you want them and save them for future use.

  • Data views, summaries, and analysis with flexible reporting resources at your fingertips the moment you desire them.
  • Ad hoc reports that let you troubleshoot and quickly resolve operations issues.
  • Detailed views of individual campaigns and associated donations.
  • Data accessed through meaningful, easy-to-use fundraising dashboards.

Maximizing Business Intelligence and More

ClearView places your nonprofit on the same business intelligence footing as well-managed for-profit organizations while propelling you to the next level. You will be able to keep your donor services/donor relations department moving smoothly with ClearView CRM’s essential operational and administrative capabilities. You will not only experience greater efficiency and automation but also gain secure payment processing and invaluable accurate data.
Support your frontline fundraisers with a host of features like development opportunity management, major and planned giving tools, comprehensive donor profiles, and prospect research. Best of all, ClearView CRM Mobile puts all those tools at a gift officer's fingertips.

Like powerful, for-profit CRMs, ClearView gives you the ability to create a management system that exactly matches your organization's rules, processes, and ways of looking at data. Customization features can include dashboards, triggers, reports, and others. These customizations may just take your organization to the next level. Of course, all of this data and power would be limited if not portable. That's why Clearview CRM is designed for ease of use on the road, with ClearView CRM Mobile. With the mobile app, fundraising on-the-go is as efficient and effective as in the office.

Now, you can face the unique challenges of operating your nonprofit with a for-profit mindset and the required business intelligence with ClearView CRM.