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Reporting and Analytics

Enable incisive and effective decisions throughout your organization. ClearView CRM empowers teams to identify and act on trends and opportunities by applying powerful reporting and analytics tools to accurate and always-up-to-date data. 

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Unleash the Power of Your Data

  • Flexible custom dashboards deliver a high-level visual overview of every aspect of your fundraising operations
  • Non-technical staff can customize and save their versions of hundreds of built-in standard reports
  • Implementation includes creating a portfolio of custom reports that meet your organization’s unique requirements
  • Industry-leading reporting and query tools support every kind of data exploration, analytics, visualization and virtualization

Understand & Predict Donor Behavior

  • Record and track every interaction to build a complete constituent profile
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of every contact, campaign and appeal
  • Create targeted segments based on data-backed donor personas
  • Refine strategies based on up-to-the-minute results

Actionable Insights at Every Step

  • Design new campaigns and outreach based on complete and accurate data
  • Maximize revenue by strategically retargeting missed opportunities
  • Model results and outcomes based on different strategies to create the perfect ask for every donor
  • Increase campaign effectiveness by evaluating and acting on early results
  • Track projected vs actual budgets and results