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Nonprofit Membership Management Software

Boost membership, engagement and renewals at every touchpoint! ClearView CRM's comprehensive support for nonprofit membership management makes it easy to recruit, retain and reward members, and boost engagement and advocacy.

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Nonprofit Membership Solutions Tailored for Your Needs

  • Unlimited number of membership types to match your structure and needs
  • 360-degree of view of member activities and interests—all participation, attendance and purchase are immediately stored in their profile
  • Automatically send welcome packets, acknowledgement letters and print-at-home membership cards
  • Self-service portal empowers members to manage their own preferences and payments
  • Special support for national organizations with regional and local chapters

Maximize Member Benefits

  • Show appreciation with member benefits that can include discounts, priority registration, and members-only early access, events and communications
  • Encourage new memberships by showing how much a member would save on every event, webinar, conference and workshop registration
  • Automatically apply member discounts to all eligible items in a purchase when the purchase includes the qualifying membership

Cultivate Lifelong Support

  • With tailored opportunity management, nonprofit membership can be a starting point for a new donor journey or a logical next step for existing supporters
  • Develop, deploy and track omnichannel engagement campaigns
  • Add a donation request during membership registration that can automatically allocated to a different financial account
  • Present a membership option during every other kind of purchase or donation

Boost Retention and Simplify Member Management

  • Maintain members with easy-to-manage automatic renewals
  • For members who don’t auto-renew, automatically send custom renewal reminders on the schedule of your choice
  • Regain lapsed members with custom offers and communications on the post-expiration schedule of your choice
  • Self-service portal empowers members to manage their membership, update payment types and communication preferences and retrieve their membership cards, receipts and acknowledgement letters