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18 May 2016

Ways to to Grow Your Active Donor Base with Data, pt 2

We’ve been discussing ways that your nonprofit can address attrition and generate new donors to help grow a healthy active donor base.   Part 1 focused on tightening up your data management.  This article looks at analyzing your list for active vs. lapsed donors.

Thoughtfully analyze your active donor list

Has your organization taken a hard look recently at which donors in its current list are active and which are lapsed? Analyzing your list thoughtfully in this way can help you make sure your data reaps the benefits it should.

Exactly what does your organization consider an active donor? Have you specified when donors are considered lapsed? Some organizations say two years without a response to an annual appeal. Others say 18 months. Still others don’t specify at all, and their list of “active” donors actually contains many, many more lapsed donors than active.

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18 March 2016

Ways to Grow Your Active Donor Base with Data - pt1

Without a healthy active donor base, you’re in trouble. That’s a truism all nonprofit fundraisers acknowledge. Growing the number of active donors is a constant process, but you can take steps today to boost that effort. The following strategies focus on reactivating lapsed donors and acquiring new names.  Upgrading current donors is certainly important, but these folks are already active givers.

For most nonprofits, addressing attrition is the key to growing a healthy active list.  Most also recognize the need to generate growth in new donors.  Making sure the data your organization has is working the way it should can address both needs and translate to better results.  And, no, your data doesn't have to be “big.” You can make use of data already in your systems to encourage growth.

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22 January 2016

Soup up your prospect summary screen with simple tweaks

Did you know that, with a few simple tweaks, you can soup up your ClearView CRM prospect summary screen to make your work-life more efficient?

Tweak 1

Soup up your prospect summary screen with simple tweaksPare down tabs. You can easily create new prospect view screens that include only the tabs you want. Consider making a “quick info” screen that has only the Prospect Info, Touches, Memos and Prospect Tags tabs. You can also think about screens that focus on a specific topic. If you often analyze donor giving habits, make a new prospect summary view that includes the Giving Summary, Giving Summary with Soft Credits, Giving Breakdown and Giving Breakdown with Soft Credits tabs.

To make your changes, go into Settings -> Application -> Manage Prospect Summary Views. Once you create a new view, you see the option to switch views in the Prospect Summary View for any donor. There, you can add the tabs you want. You can also set the default view of your choice in Settings.

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15 December 2015

Turning Reports into Dashboard Panels

Are you on a quest for the perfect fundraising dashboard? With ClearView CRM, you have a useful option of adding your own report-based, custom panels to the system’s standard list of dashboard panel choices.

ClearView CRM offers a range of panels already built into its Panel Library, from Action Reminders and Gifts by Geography, to Prospects Added in Past Month and numerous others. As luck (or software developers) would have it, you also can add panels that reflect reports you use frequently but that don’t appear on the built-in panel list. Technically, this is called “rendering” a report in a custom panel.

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