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SofTrek Corporation Gets VISA Approval for Protecting Cardholder Data

Passes rigorous testing for “PCI DSS” designation

Amherst, New York (July 16, 2012)– Credit card company Visa says Amherst, N.Y.-based fundraising software company SofTrek has passed the rigorous security-screening process that certifies it compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). Software companies that collect sensitive financial information, such as credit card numbers, over the internet are PCI DSS compliant if they meet stringent standards for handling such information securely. SofTrek’s PledgeMaker donor-management system allows nonprofit donors to make online gifts via credit card.

To achieve PCI compliance, companies must undergo a lengthy validation process that includes a security audit from a third-party PCI DSS compliance expert. SofTrek’s fundraising software met or exceeded the rigorous requirements necessary to gain PCI DSS compliant status from Visa.

These requirements include

  • Building, maintaining, monitoring and regularly testing a secure network
  • Protecting cardholder data (e.g., encrypting transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks)
  • Maintaining an information security policy

Since 1987, SofTrek Corporation has provided donor management software, decision support tools, online marketing and fundraising solutions, and professional business services to nonprofit organizations. SofTrek is committed to delivering industry-leading software, services, and solutions that help all types of nonprofits build relationships with their donors and manage their fundraising activities.


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