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Fundraisers More Easily Grow Donor Relationships, Coordinate Fundraising Activities, and Manage Staff with ClearView 2.0 Fundraising Software

Works in Tandem with PledgeMaker Donor Management System

Amherst, New York (April 1, 2012)– Fundraisers’ success relies on their ability to make informed decisions about and fine-tune all their activities—from email campaigns to personal contact to online marketing. ClearView 2.0, SofTrek Corporation’s new version of its application for the PledgeMaker donor management system, helps them do just that by offering ways to manage and grow donor relationships; carry out, coordinate and track fundraising efforts; and manage staff.


ClearView 2.0 helps fundraisers

  • track all their fundraising activities against their strategic goals.
  • carry out and track calls, letters, proposals and other activities in pursuit of major and planned gifts.
  • fine-tune their fundraising efforts through the gamut of marketing channels, from email and direct mail to personal contact, events and online marketing.
  • take full advantage of PledgeMaker, which handles administrative tasks like direct-marketing segmentation, membership, batch entry, security, transaction processing and more.

“Fundraisers at nonprofits will discover that raising money gets easier when they use ClearView 2.0,” said Bob Girardi, SofTrek’s vice president of marketing and sales. “They’ll be well equipped to fine-tune their fundraising efforts by gaining a better understanding of their donors, campaign results, development staff activities and much more.”  


Important ClearView 2.0 features  

  • Each organization can customize ClearView 2.0 to support its ways of inputting data, reporting, and more.
  • ClearView 2.0 users can personalize their dashboards to meet their specific way of working.
  • ClearView offers complete donor and prospect profiles with information on how and when the organization contacted the donor, giving history and other details.
  • ClearView is available on computers, tablets, smartphones and all internet-connected devices.
  • ClearView works in tandem with PledgeMaker, which has a centralized database that lets organizations easily record and track all online and offline marketing activities to donors.

What is ClearView CRM?

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