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Nonprofits like yours trust ClearView CRM fundraising software.

Local, regional, national and global nonprofits rely on ClearView CRM fundraising software to advance their missions and deepen their donor relationships.

Medical & Scientific Research

Organizations like Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Glaucoma Foundation and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Canada rely on ClearView CRM to support and track all of their engagement, fundraising and stewardship activities. ClearView CRM empowers medical and scientific research organizations to: 

  • Raise endowment funding for chairmanships, scholarships, grants, research positions and awards
  • Manage complete grant lifecycle for applications to outside funding sources and for inbound grant requests
  • Coordinate activities and outreach at national, state and local levels
cff nonprofit
The Glaucoma Foundation

Advocacy & Legislation Organizations

Organizations like the Trust for Public Land, AARP Foundation and the United Performing Arts Fund rely on ClearView CRM to support their advocacy and fundraising efforts. In addition to powerful fundraising and donor management, ClearView CRM empowers advocacy and legislation organizations to:

  • Track advocacy actions like signing petitions, contacting legislators and sharing information over social media
  • Manage committees and national, regional and local chapters with ease
  • Inspire engagement and participation through targeted communications that nurture a supporter’s dual journey as a donor and as an advocate
United Preforming Arts

Hospital Foundations

Hospital foundations are uniquely placed to build engagement and support from patients, family and friends as well as the hospital’s own medical and administrative staff. With ClearView CRM, hospital foundations can:

  • Manage all stakeholder relations including hospital administrators and medical staff
  • Build engagement with hospital staff through tailored fundraising campaigns
  • Nurture relationships with corporate funders and major-gifts donors for naming opportunities and endowments as well as general support
  • Personalize every aspect of grateful patient programs
Niagara Fall Hospital
Shaare Zedek Medical

Arts & Culture

Arts and culture organizations need integrated solutions that help generate more revenue and reduce administration, and support programs and engagement opportunities that deliver their mission. ClearView CRM empowers organizations to:  

  • Create, manage and track sales of event registrations, donations, memberships and admission tickets
  • Immediately recognize members and automatically apply member discounts and benefits like members-only admissions, priority registration and members-only events
  • Update prospect records with attendance and membership data
  • Request an additional donation when visitors, members and patrons register for events or purchase tickets online, at your site or over the phone
  • Manage multichannel campaigns including pledge drives
Lincoln Center
Rothko client
Kalamazoo Nature

Disaster Relief & Human Services

Disaster relief and human services organizations like Catholic Relief Services, SOMETHING and more than three dozen rescue missions rely on ClearView CRM to support their outreach and fundraising efforts. ClearView CRM empowers disaster relief and human services organizations to: 

  • Quickly deploy and manage multichannel disaster relief campaigns in response to urgent needs
  • Manage multiple complex ongoing campaigns including online, email, direct mail, call centers and pledge drives 
  • Integrate directly with CERVIS volunteer management software so all volunteer contact information and activities are recorded in the CRM
ClearView nonprofit mission
Downtown rescue mission

Faith-Based Fundraising

For faith-based organizations like Catholic Relief Services and Hadassah, an effective donor management CRM empowers fundraisers to design, deploy and track engagement and activities that are aligned with their mission, their beliefs and the needs of the populations they serve. ClearView CRM empowers faith-based fundraisers to:

  • Nurture prospects and donors based on shared faith and common cause
  • Tailor asks and outreach to inspire giving at all levels with meaningful recognition for donations of any size
  • Track volunteer information and participation in service programs
  • Coordinate fundraising activities and campaigns with all stakeholders in service areas
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