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Full system customization for your nonprofit CRM

Work closely with SofTrek to make sure ClearView CRM fundraising software performs exactly the way your nonprofit needs it to. Our team of nonprofit software experts can customize your CRM, making it a tailored, easy-to-use tool for all of your fundraising activities.


Custom reporting

Let ClearView experts help you design and create reports that measure and illuminate, including interactive reports, and drill-down charts and graphs that are understandable and easy to export.

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Efficiently move ClearView data into another system or vice versa. ClearView experts will develop a thoughtful conversion strategy, even making the core donor database the single source of data among several systems.

Custom programming

Integrate systems, develop special triggers, embed reports, add custom fields to screens, and much more.

Nonprofit CRM Implementation

Make sure ClearView fits the way your organization works--and that you work well with it--with a strategic implementation plan, software installation, and training.

Fundraising process consulting

Rely on our nonprofit experts to help you put technology-enabled processes in place. Develop smarter strategies to manage your gift solicitation, nonprofit membership program, and fundraising campaigns effectively.

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Track & Exceed Fundraising Goals

Exceed fundraising goals


Fundraising software making forecasting easy.

Discover how ClearView CRM's flexible settings can fit your unique business rules.

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