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Online marketing and giving

Meet your donors and prospects where they spend time: Online. With ClearView CRM fundraising software’s online marketing suite of tools, you can engage donors online, build stronger one-to-one relationships and improve your ability to fundraise.

These comprehensive online marketing and giving tools use ClearView’s core donor database to help you coordinate online and offline giving, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the accuracy of your donor information.

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Donor portal

  • Lower barriers for giving and encourage repeat giving by providing a safe and easy place online for donors to connect with your organization
  • Enhance your organization’s relationships with donors by providing them with targeted and relevant information and with valuable tools


Online events

  • Easily create and reuse event templates to support a variety of online event types including -thons, galas and tournaments
  • Provide a self-service vehicle for donors to register online for events and to reach out to their communities through social networking and viral marketing applications


Personal fundraising

  • Empower your donors to connect with their friends, families, and social networks to raise funds and awareness for your organization’s mission
  • Increase donations and your organization’s visibility by enabling your donors to fundraise for you using simple and effective online tools


Online giving

  • Create simple and secure online donation forms that allow donors to easily and securely give to your organization through your website and connect directly to the core donor database in ClearView CRM. All gifts made through your website are instantly recorded in your database—no syncing required
  • Execute online giving campaigns, and coordinate them with email campaigns
  • Provide donors with secure online-donation pages that integrate secure credit-card verification and authorization for online donation pages
  • Make data collection and updating more efficient by capturing information on donor gifts and other online activities in real time
  • Automatically produce personalized acknowledgement emails, check for duplicate records, and create new records with data that comes in through your website


Multi-Department Nonprofit Software

nonprofit system collaboration


Fundraising software allowing all departments to collaborate as one.

Discover how ClearView CRM allows you and your team to work together towards organizational success.

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