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Event management

If your nonprofit runs events—whether runs, galas, -thons or tournaments—you know that careful planning and detailed logistics are paramount. ClearView CRM’s event management tools help you plan and manage all aspects of your events, helping you secure the significant funds they often attract. They’ll also help you save time by allowing you to plan multiple events concurrently and replicate existing setups from past events.

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Manage events more efficiently.

  • Budget and track organizational expenses, sponsorships, premium distributions and receivables generated by your events
  • Upload registration and payment information into your database automatically to eliminate data entry
  • Create event appeal codes that link across your database
  • Generate automatic email confirmations to registered attendees
  • Arrange special preferences for event guests including meals and giveaways
  • Create assignments and mange volunteer service


Attract sponsorships by publicizing events on your website and in your mailings.

  • Send targeted emails and automatic event notices to segments of your donor database
  • Organize your in-kind gifts and sponsorships


Track all of your event activities and expenses in one place.

  • Manage all event activities including participants, fees, seating charts, volunteer assignments, auction purchases and pledges
  • Track registrations, create seating assignments and arrange groups for attendees


Easily measure costs, performance and return on investment.

  • Track return on investment for entire campaigns or individual donors
  • Run mail and campaign performance reports and perform trend analyses



Multi-Department Nonprofit Software

nonprofit system collaboration


Fundraising software allowing all departments to collaborate as one.

Discover how ClearView CRM allows you and your team to work together towards organizational success.

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