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Email marketing with Constant Contact® and ClearView CRM fundraising software 

The return and cost effectiveness of email marketing combines with ClearView’s core donor database for a powerful way to reach current and potential donors. Constant Contact integrates with fundraising software ClearView CRM so you can easily plan, execute and manage email marketing programs to effectively grow relationships with your most important audiences. With easy-to-use templates and an industry-leading email marketing application, Constant Contact lets you create effective email appeals, whose results connect directly back to you ClearView CRM donor database with no need for syncing.

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Create high-powered email campaigns to effectively reach donors.

  • Build highly targeted mailing lists for dozens or thousands by segmenting the donor database for the appropriate audience for your communication. ClearView CRM lets you create complex segmentations that can pinpoint messages for maximum effect.
  • Easily create branded, professional-looking email with Constant Contact’s customizable design templates
  • Send mailing lists directly to Constant Contact for mailing—no syncing required
  • Generate automatic personalized acknowledgement emails


Track and boost your campaigns’ response rates.

  • Create customized web pages that work with your emails
  • Find out who received and opened your email, clicked through to your site and which addresses bounced back
  • Constant Contact instantly updates donor mail records in the core donor database—no manual correction or system synchronization needed
  • Generate comprehensive multichannel campaign response results reports


Stay compliant.

  • Use Constant Contact to analyze emails to make sure they obey FCC laws and stay out of spam filters. With rules on spam and other email activity changing daily, Constant Contact makes sure your appeals reach their intended audience.
  • Ensure emails read well no matter which email program recipients use



Multi-Department Nonprofit Software

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Fundraising software allowing all departments to collaborate as one.

Discover how ClearView CRM allows you and your team to work together towards organizational success.

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