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Direct mail marketing

Direct mail remains one of the best ways to grow both giving and your organization’s donor database, as well as a key channel for nonprofits of all types. With fundraising software ClearView CRM’s powerful segmentation and other direct marketing tools, you can more easily renew current donors, identify new donors and volunteers, increase your visibility and publicize your programs and initiatives. . ClearView CRM's segmentation tool is the start of selective, highly targeted direct campaigns that can, among other positives, offer measurable ROI and build donor relationships

With ClearView CRM's direct marketing capabilities, your organization can add direct mail marketing to its multichannel fundraising efforts. The key to this ability is that ClearView CRM is built around a powerful core donor database that works and communicates with any number of applications, making true multichannel fundraising truly possible.

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Create targeted and personalized donor and prospect communications.

  • Analyze and segment your database to target specific groups of people by any number of criteria
  • Ensure consistent and appropriate campaign communication to donors and prospects


Achieve multichannel campaign integration by conducting online and offline campaigns at the same time.

  • Combine your direct mail and email efforts to increase the returns on your campaign investments
  • Compare cost and performance of multichannel marketing activities to accurately calculate return on investment


Reduce time, cost, and complexity of managing multiple mailing lists for your campaigns.

  • Manage multiple direct mail campaigns simultaneously
  • Automatically remove duplicate records and manage mailing lists from various sources


Easily measure costs, performance and return on investment.

  • Track return on investment for entire campaigns or individual donors
  • Run mail and campaign performance reports and perform trend analyses



Multi-Department Nonprofit Software

nonprofit system collaboration


Fundraising software allowing all departments to collaborate as one.

Discover how ClearView CRM allows you and your team to work together towards organizational success.

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