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Volunteer tracking

Tracking volunteer hours and connections to your organization can take time and effort. If you've been tracking your volunteers and their activity in a spreadsheet (or series of spreadsheets), it's doubly difficult to maintain accurate, up-to-date information. Tracking volunteers, an integral part of any organization’s constituency—is, however, simple to manage with ClearView CRM fundraising software. Scheduling assignments . . . tracking expenses . . . managing recognition programs—the system’s volunteer tracking capability does it all. You can also keep track of volunteers’ gifts, event attendance and membership activities.

Best of all, all the information you manage on your volunteers is integrated directly into your donor database.  That means you can manage your volunteer relationships as well as you manage your donor relationships--via ClearView CRM fundraising software.


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Enhance the efficiency of your volunteer program.

  • Categorize volunteers by expertise, preference and availability
  • Link volunteers to specific activities and events
  • Record the interests, skills, and availabilities of each volunteer
  • Track individual volunteer histories for recognition programs
  • Generate complete, targeted volunteer reports based on the criteria you set


Schedule volunteers and maintain records of their individual activities.

  • Track volunteer expenses, activities and hours for recognition programs and giving societies
  • Gain easy access to volunteer availability schedules
  • Maintain the complete history of a volunteer’s relationship to your organization


Assign responsibility for each volunteer activity.

  • Record program expenses for volunteer recruitment and training
  • Analyze the return on investment for your organization’s volunteer program

Multi-Department Nonprofit Software

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Fundraising software allowing all departments to collaborate as one.

Discover how ClearView CRM allows you and your team to work together towards organizational success.

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