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Membership Management

Members are often the pulse of fundraising efforts; after all, they’ve chosen to be part of your organization.  Use ClearView CRM’s Membership Management tools to track and manage the people who make the special choice.  

Track membership activity and maintain membership history, allowing your organization to provide benefits and services to constituents through a wide variety of membership types and activities.  You can include membership information as part of a complete donor profile with automatic data integration, defining an unlimited number of membership types and levels.

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Manage memberships effectively and efficiently.

  • Generate membership billings
  • Understand why memberships lapse or are downgraded
  • Analyze solicitor and volunteer effectiveness
  • View individual membership history and notice trends


Evaluate the effectiveness of renewal campaigns.

  • Process complimentary, honor and memorial memberships
  • Predefine membership costs and lengths
  • Track membership upgrades and downgrades


Add flexibility to assign benefits with specific membership levels.

  • Allow the option of giving memberships as gifts
  • Alter predefined membership costs, membership cards, premiums and mailings in accordance with the wishes of individual members


Customize the member experience.

  • Assign premiums and benefits to specific membership levels
  • Generate membership mailings, including membership cards, based on membership level

Multi-Department Nonprofit Software

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Fundraising software allowing all departments to collaborate as one.

Discover how ClearView CRM allows you and your team to work together towards organizational success.

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