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List validation

Having an accurate, up-to-date donor database is a necessity if your organization wants to reach its fundraising goals. With ClearView CRM fundraising software, you’ll have a multitude of tools to validate your data, improve accuracy and increase the overall quality of your database.

Comprehensive list validation allows you to improve and strengthen donor relationships and communications, maximize campaign effectiveness and improve your decision-making process.

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Duplicate resolution

Eliminate existing duplicate records in your database and resolve future duplicate problems. SofTrek database experts provide a thorough analysis and work with you to understand patterns of duplicate creation, the exact number of duplicates on file and the impact of these duplicates. ClearView CRM duplicate resolution tools allow your organization to save time and money, avoid embarrassing errors and simplify database maintenance.


Email validation

Email validation improves the reliability of your contact information by correcting common typographical errors and standardizing email addresses in your database. SofTrek works with Melissa Data to offer access to the most accurate data available for more than 100 million email records. Email validation helps you maximize campaign effectiveness by correcting syntax and spelling errors, fixing improper email address formats and standardizing letter case.



Connect to your donor community more easily with access to geocoding’s mapping, logistics, navigation and demographic plotting tools. With the accurate data you obtain, you can more efficiently target donors to plan strategic development activities. ClearView CRM’s geocoding tools allow you to:

  • Link to available census data
  • Pinpoint and analyze information by location to better plan your activities
  • Append latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Improve decision-making by knowing where top donors are located


Name parsing

Effectively target your market with name parsing tools that create personalized salutations, identify the gender makeup of your constituency and automatically correct errors in data entry. ClearView CRM offers a programming library to make these tools easy to use. Name parsing tools allow you to:

  • Correct misspelled names
  • Catch vulgar words
  • Set proper capitalization
  • Consistently organize your data
  • Identify gender make up and append gender codes


National Change of Address (NCOA)

ClearView CRM’s National Change of Address (NCOA) capability substantially reduces undeliverable and duplicate mail pieces by identifying and correcting addressing errors. All your constituent records are compared against the United States Postal Service’s NCOA file to ensure addresses are standardized for issue-free delivery. With NCOA tools you can:

  • Maintain a current address for all your donors (including Canadian addresses)
  • Lower mailing and production costs
  • Enable compliance with USPS Move Update program standards
  • Speed delivery of direct mail pieces by eliminating forwarding


Phone validation

Get access to a database of 110 million residential households compiled from more than 40 data sources for U.S. or Canadian telephone numbers. SofTrek's partnership with Melissa Data makes easy the process of verifying existing phone numbers and appending missing or different phone numbers. ClearView CRM’s phone validation tools allow you to:

  • Identify if a number is a cell, landline or VOIP
  • Identify if a number is a residence, business or home office
  • Add geographic and demographic information to phone numbers
  • Validate toll-free numbers


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