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Data importing and exporting

Accurate, up to date data that your organization can use in the pursuit of more effective fundraising: That’s the end result of fundraising software ClearView CRM’s powerful data import and export capabilities.

ClearView CRM imports data like gifts and payments made, address changes and membership status from gift processing, online fundraising, and other sources. It exports your information in the form of accurate, relevant mailing lists for direct mail services, meaningful reports and other uses. The system can generate and export highly targeted lists based on any combination of donor criteria.

ClearView CRM’s standard import and export capabilities include functions like gift imports, payment acknowledgments, and pledge billing, and ETL (extract/transform/load) functions like National Change of Address (NCOA) processing, prospect research, accounting updates and Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification. If your organization wants to implement a data import, SofTrek will guide you through planning, data mapping, conversion programming, training, custom reports development, general ledger feed and project management.  SofTrek has a complete set of ETL (extract/transform/load) tools that allow you to import data into any field of the system. You can also automate importing, which is helpful when loading bank or caging files into nightly batch.

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Data importing and exporting in fundraising software ClearView CRM let your organization:

  • Easily import gifts that a caging service has processed
  • Import new donor and gift information from online contributions
  • Create mailing lists and other exports in industry-standard formats
  • Keep financial ledgers current with accounting imports
  • Keep addresses current and accurate
  • Ensure data integrity by pre-processing and standardizing import files
  • Use standard mailing exports for acknowledgments, pledge reminders and general mailings
  • Use a general import tool for donor information, gifts, event registrations, memberships and other transactions

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