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Strengthen your donor database management with ClearView CRM

The power and stability of ClearView CRM's database come from Oracle. Its usefulness and efficiency come from a broad array of data management, import/export and other tools. They keep your core donor database performing at its peak, no matter how many million records it holds or transactions it handles.

Data management and integrity

The cleaner your donor list is, the better it performs. Make sure yours is as accurate and up to date as it can be with ClearView CRM's range of appends, data governance tools and validations:

  • Address verification
  • Auto-update
  • CASS certification
  • Data cleansing, coding, organization
  • Deceased processing
  • Duplicate resolution
  • Email append/verification
  • Geographic/U.S. Census demographics
  • NCOA updates
  • Phone number validation
  • Salutations, name spelling, gender ID
  • Wealth screening
List Validation PDF

Data import and export

Process standard functions including NCOA updates and CASS certification, donor mailing lists and online gifts. Export records via standard export functions or custom reports. Schedule imports and exports to run on a one-time or recurring basis to meet your organization’s needs.

Data Import Export PDF

Auto Updates

Globally update large numbers of records. Select records from your database to be updated with given values, for example, creating a contact for every prospect selected. If you like, SofTrek can work with you to define and write queries for selecting records and run the process.

Lockbox and ETL

Ensure accurate data and save time by eliminating data entry. Instead, import data from another system or other sources into ClearView CRM’s database with the powerful lockbox tool or via ETL. Your data is imported correctly and efficiently, with all of your validations and business rules applied consistently.

Third-party integrations

ClearView is connected to numerous applications that nonprofits like yours use frequently, from finance and accounting to call center management and peer-to-peer fundraising tools. If you like, you can even make ClearView CRM your database of record by storing data from all your systems in the core donor database.

In addition, a complete application programming interface (API) can connect nearly any application of your choice to ClearView CRM and share information in one or both directions.

Ready for a closer look?

Campaign monitoring

Take a journey with us inside ClearView CRM to see how it can drive your fundraising forward!

What is ClearView CRM

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