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Donor profiles that build connections

When it comes to knowing your donor or another constituent well, you can never have enough information. ClearView CRM's donor profiles offer the full spectrum of data on the people with whom you need to build relationships. Let the breadth and depth of information you'll find in these profiles guide your work by providing you with intelligence on your donor's entire history with your nonprofit.

From giving summaries to connections, demographics to contacts with your nonprofit, these profiles collect everything in one place. And, with the data coming directly from ClearView's core donor database, the resulting picture always up to date and accurate.

What's more, you and your organization can tailor donor profiles pages to reflect how you work.

  •  Add or delete tabs for the major topics on screen, like touches, memos and more.
  • Tailor donor profiles formats for various roles in your organization
  • Add new tabs with data pulled in from a report

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