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Easy to use fundraising software

Make the most of every opportunity with ClearView CRM nonprofit fundraising software. Available on all your devices.

Centralized database

Donor database management

Manage all of your donor information and fundraising activities from one place--with no need to synch—with ClearView CRM’s single, powerful core donor database.

Database management

Multichannel fundraising tools

Capture the elusive goal of true multichannel fundraising with ClearView CRM. Its powerful core donor database works and communicates with any number of applications, from online giving and call center management to volunteer management and more.

Online marketing tools

Dashboard reports

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Easily track, monitor, and analyze your fundraising activities with ClearView CRM’s business intelligence and reporting tools. They’ll let you keep an eye on and manage daily results while constantly evaluating your organizational fundraising goals.

Donor services and constituent relationships

Keep your donor services/donor relations department moving smoothly with ClearView CRM’s essential operational and administrative capabilities. You’ll not only experience greater efficiency and automation but also gain secure payment processing and accurate data.

Donor and constituent relationships

Customize ClearView CRM

System customization and configurability

Gain the power to create the ClearView CRM that exactly matches your business rules, processes and ways of looking at data. Customization can include dashboards, triggers, reports and more.


Support your frontline fundraisers with a host of features like opportunity management, major and planned giving tools, comprehensive donor profiles, and prospect research. Best of all, ClearView CRM Mobile puts all those tools at gift officer fingertips.

Develop constituent engagement

Customize ClearView CRM

ClearView CRM Mobile

Take ClearView CRM's power and ease of use on the road. Make fundraising on-the-go efficient and effective.

What is ClearView CRM