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User Reviews

Take a look at what our nonprofit clients are saying about ClearView CRM's nonprofit fundraising software!


Canine Companions CRS Nonprofit Dana Farber Hadassah The Navigators Buffalo City Mission


Canine Companions
Many companies talk about customer service and how it's important. Well, to me, SofTrek takes it to heart. From someone actually answering the phone to being there for clients promptly and working with us, you all are great examples of delivering professional customer service. So, thank you. I appreciate it and wish more of our vendors would take a page from what you and your colleagues do for Canine Companions.


Bob Bunger

National Director of Development Services

Canine Companions for Independence



CRS Nonprofit
[ClearView CRM] is a powerful fundraising system that allows an organization to analyze its donors more deeply. The amount of information you can store on donors helps an organization make wiser decisions on soliciting contributions from them.


Nancie Fletcher


Donor Management Services



Dana Farber

Dana-Farber has used [ClearView CRM] since 2001 and continues to find that it meets our needs for a powerful, stable and full featured fundraising application. The Development staff now numbers more than 250 rely on various modules and reports to track and plan fundraising activities on a daily basis. It is a vital tool in the efforts to raise substantial funds in support of the Dana-Farber campaign to conquer cancer.


Mary C. Meadows


Development Information Systems




Hadassah has customized [ClearView CRM] extensively to meet our unique business needs. In addition, we've converted four databases into one donor database. We now have our member and donor information in one location along with our custom modules. Our membership and fundraising departments are better able to view a member or donor’s complete history with the organization.


Lynn Blackwell


IT Applications




Using the amazing functionality, ClearView delivers a webified donor maintenance system that both the highly functional IT professional and the casual executive can utilize with ease.


Marc Aragundi



Buffalo City Mission

We asked for the impossible and SofTrek delivered. We were trying to get our old donor management software through the 2010 busy season, but it wasn't to be. One day we weren’t able to get data out. I sat with my team and we called SofTrek for help. The next day we were in front of their technical team and we started the conversion ... As I am writing this letter we have been up and running with online for two and a half months, and we are very happy. We make many decisions each day however; some affect you more than others do. We couldn’t afford to make a mistake on this one, and after two and a half months we know we made the right decision. SofTrek keeps our data secure, probably more secure then we ever could afford and it is there for us from anywhere anytime, period. I wouldn’t necessarily advise you do the short term conversion but SofTrek did it. Today [ClearView CRM] is fully integrated with our direct response marketing agency, Russ Reid. SofTrek and Russ Reid move our data back and forth, and we go online and get the results; as my daughter says, “Easy-peasy.”


Stuart Harper

Executive Director


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