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Nonprofits like yours use ClearView CRM fundraising software.

Take a moment to read how nonprofits like yours improved fundraising, grew efficiency and saved money with fundraising software ClearView CRM.



The Navigators use ClearView CRM to support ministry of thousands

If you think that supporting the efforts of a dozen or even two dozen fundraisers is difficult, try nearly 4,000.


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Human services agency links multichannel fundraising efforts with ClearView CRM

To some, it’s known as multichannel fundraising; to others, integrated or cross-channel marketing. To a large human services agency, it’s simply one of the organization’s most effective ways of achieving its long-time mission to help people affected by poverty, disasters and other issues.


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Think tank uses ClearView CRM to merge 200 databases, save thousands of dollars

After a national public policy think tank implemented ClearView CRM, the change in its business was dramatic.


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Union Rescue Mission saves costs, gains accuracy with ClearView CRM

The ability to automate gift processing has been a clear boon to efficiency and accuracy—and to the budget—for Union Rescue Mission. ClearView CRM’s lockbox feature allows the mission to import gifts directly from its scanner system, increasing accuracy and reliability while reducing bank fees and labor costs.


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Nonprofit education and information organization manages foundation, corporate approaches with ClearView CRM

A leading organization for nonprofit education and information gained the ability to track grant proposals to donors and make easy work of distinguishing requests for different grants years and fund types—all with ClearView CRM. In fact, when the organization researched fundraising software, it quickly realized ClearView CRM was the only system that would enable it to track proposals by grant year—a key requirement to conduct its fundraising efforts.


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